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Window Cleaning in Sydney: We'll Make Your Windows Crystal Clear

Whenever you find your home in need of more daylight and a clearer view, rely on Paul’s Window Cleaning Sydney to take proper care of all window panes.

The dexterous cleaners will give them a good wash both on the inside and outside, leaving them with a perfect, streak-free finish. Alongside all that, you also get to take advantage of:

  • Experienced local cleaners
  • Latest of window cleaning technology
  • Lots of booking slots to choose from
  • An extensive array of other domestic services
  • Dedicated 24-hour customer support line
  • Free price estimates and consultations over the phone & online

Our Customers are saying

Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney James Campbell
We needed a deep pressure clean and I'm quite happy I came across your company.
Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney Keith Clarke
My backyard was practically useless because of all the rubbish I have stuffed there over time. I'd like to thank all of...
Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney Tony Hackett
You, guys, made miracles for both my gutters and downpipes and deserved my five stars!
Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney Marie Walker
I had a hard time trying to figure out how to reach the upper part of the large front windows in our home. Your cleaners were...
Paul's Window Cleaning Sydney Jane Thompson
Wonderful results for my garden – achieved by skilled, friendly gardeners.
Average rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 5 reviews

What Will the Window Cleaners Do For Your Home & Office

Window Cleaning in SydneyFor the homeowners, along with the crystal-clear windows, our competent cleaners in Sydney guarantee perfectly clean window blinds, sills, tracks, and frames.
Living or working at a higher level? We have a solution:

High-rise window cleaning – suitable for business owners, with office areas located at a higher level, as well as dwellers of apartment buildings. Such type of cleaning demands strong technical skills, which means it should be held by professionals. Our master workers will carefully set up the rope systems and abseil gear to ensure a safe and smooth cleaning process.

Water-fed pole window cleaning – the technique involves pumping purified water out of a tank, up a pole and out of a proper brush attachment at the end of the reach and wash system. Extending up to 65 ft., it is a safe and secure way to clean your windows immaculately.

Commercial window cleaning – cleaning office windows from the outside requires special tools and equipment, mostly because they are quite inaccessible, especially when the building is tall. Our trained window cleaning team in Sydney can clean all types of glass internally and externally. If you are wondering whether your place of business falls into this category, keep in mind that we clean almost all types of commercial buildings, shop front windows, offices, gyms, schools and restaurants. 

And there’s even more to offer:

Important for you building managers: New window safety requirements (NSW Child Window Safety Devices Act 2013). Read here.

Check out The Ins & Outs of Brilliant Window Cleaning

Window Cleaners in SydneyPaul’s window cleaners are constantly expanding their list of available services in order to provide a complete range of window maintenance jobs. Being an established domestic care brand for more than a decade, we follow strict rules in terms of cleanup routine, too.

Child and pet-friendly products, in combination with purified water and top-range cleaning machinery, assure the risk-free cleaning of your home – both internal and external. Speaking of tools, the window cleaners will come equipped with whatever tools are suitable for your particular setup – from simple lint-free micro fibre cloths to a wide variety of professional squeegees and even water-fed poles where applicable.

Hurry up and get hold of the customer advisers team today. They will assist you with customising your booking and tell you more about the exclusive deals that come along with our window cleaning services in Sydney.